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Information management strategy still at the edge of the cloud

Information management is still too tentative about the cloud, says Ron Miller of the online site FierceContentManagement. "People are still far away from where I think they should be," he said at the AIIM 2014 conference.

Miller said that fears about losing control of data have kept information management strategy too far out on the perimeter of technologies like cloud computing. But the influx of mobile devices to the enterprise has made it impossible to keep content within the firewall. Information managers, he said, still falsely guard the four walls of the enterprise rather than finding ways to protect content as it seeps outside them.

"There was a period of time where ... you had a job, and your job was to protect the perimeter, and if you did that, everything was good. ... But there is no perimeter anymore. Instead of having that security ... of a firewall, you have people going out in the world with content. The cloud is a great way of dealing with that. You can get your content anywhere, anytime."

Miller said that it's important for companies to get on board and develop an information management strategy for the cloud. Those that don't start to incorporate the cloud are "going to get run over," Miller said.

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