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Is the future of social business dead or just beginning?

ATLANTA -- Is social business over?

Experts and practitioners will assemble at the Social Shake-Up in Atlanta Sept. 16-17 to discuss trends in social media. And one of the themes is whether social business has a future.

Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Belmont, Mass.-based Leader Networks, which works with companies on social media strategies and best practices, talked with SearchContentManagement about trends in social business and the upcoming themes of the show. She said one of the central topics is the future of social business.

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DiMauro said some experts consider social business so woven into the fabric of culture and business operations that its future is a ho-hum non-issue. Others see a whole new chapter for social business, particularly in the area of collaborative communities, in such areas as healthcare and disaster relief, and for more traditional uses such as product development.

"I think a big question is, 'What is the future of social?'" she said. "Is it over, [or] is it just beginning? Is it so integrated into the work we do that it's a non-issue? Or are we just starting to explore it and just need to push the envelope further and further?"

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