No effective information governance without change management, expert says

Information impacts every single person in an organization, so a successful information governance strategy requires a cultural sensitivity to the way individuals view and consume information, according to Carol Stainbrook, executive director of the consulting practice for Cohasset Associates of Chicago.

“As we look at information management and information governance and making [business] improvements, it’s really a change management issue and change management includes process and it includes culture,” Stainbrook said.

Stainbrook, who spoke about establishing successful electronic records retention policies and effective information management initiatives for improved business at the MER 2012 conference earlier this month, said successful information governance involves a combination of smart processes and the appropriate corporate culture.

Stainbrook sat down for an interview about managing records and the importance of information governance with at the conference. She said that records management and an established retention schedule were keys to successful information management. “It’s really the backbone of how you manage your information from a policy perspective,” she said.

Viewers of this 4-and-a-half-minute video will learn

  • That information governance should be viewed as a policy layer on top of information management;
  • Organizations should start information governance and records management by identifying all the disciplines within the enterprise that impact how information is managed;
  • How important it is to identify where the management gaps are and to plan to fill those gaps;
  • That information governance and management is really a change management issue;
  • The range of disciplines within the organization that impact information governance are typically much broader than most people realize.


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