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Proving the value of social media to the C suite

For many companies, the jury is still out on the value of social tools. Persuading executives to invest budget and human resources in social media strategies can be a tough sell. Enter the Social Shake-Up conference, which had its inaugural appearance in Atlanta in mid-September. Among its many goals, the conference was designed to bring an active, engaged community together to discuss issues in social media, including compliance and governance, meaningful social metrics and listening, and how to build the business case for social tools and strategies. Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today, talked with SearchContentManagement  to highlight some of the key themes of the show. "The C suite wants to talk in the same language that it and its stakeholders always have: ROI, proof of concept, shareholder value," Carey said. "So what we were trying to do at the level just below was to educate each other on the value of social, mobile, digital, cloud."

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