Ray Wang: Adopt mobile social media technologies for enterprise value

The five forces of consumerization -- mobile, social, cloud, big data and video -- are driving a unified model of communications and collaboration that business must be part of. If they aren’t already, smart organizations will take advantage of this fully connected experience to realize “massive cost savings” and diagnose business problems quickly, said R. “Ray” Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research during the AIIM Conference 2012 in San Francisco last month.

Half of all phones will be smartphones by the end of this year and 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2030, said Wang, who delivered a keynote at the conference entitled How Mobile and Location Convergence will Drive Context in the Future of Apps. Such numbers point to the importance of firms making effective use of enterprise content management and social media technologies to deliver a “connected experience.” That next-generation customer experience, Wang said, will result from mining big data and delivering it in a context-rich and “right-time” manner.

“How you curate your information will be the difference between the digital haves and digital have-nots in your organization,” said Wang, explaining that organizations must adopt consumer models of engagement to derive the best value from the data they collect.

Wang, who sat down for an interview with SearchContentManagement.com at AIIM 2012, discussed the issues involved in making sense of massive amounts of unstructured content and using new tools to profit from video, audio, tweets, Facebook posts and other new modes of communication.

Viewers of the 6-minute video will learn

  • The five ways of looking at context for business and enterprise settings that can help organizations optimize their use of information;
  • How context can help improve means of engagement and experience to build deeper relationships with customers and employees;
  • How to improve the ability to act on information by making sure the information that is gathered or delivered has real meaning for the user;
  • About the importance of balancing the “six Ss” from the IT side and the business side of an effective and successful enterprise;
  • That organizations need to write policies that enable social media and collaborative models that are as effective inside the company firewall as they are outside.



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