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Records management challenges: What's standing in the way?

While companies are digitizing and using software to manage records, there are some hurdles in the way of true modernization.

In part one of this video on the June issue of Business Information magazine and its cover story, we discuss some of the factors that have prevented companies in the past from modernizing their records management programs.

For many companies, the crux of the issue has been the difficult transition from an old world of paper-based filing systems to an electronic system that requires different management and organizational principles.

"The whole mental model … was born in the world of paper," said Forrester Research analyst Cheryl McKinnon. "It just hasn't made the leap into the fast-changing world of digital. … We haven't left the world of paper behind even though most of our work product is being done electronically."

But adjusting to an electronic universe has been waylaid by the existing infrastructure that companies have in place. Companies have had to address three principal hurdles to get with the times:

  • Inefficient business process
  • Inadequate technology
  • People and change management hurdles

This video explores how these institutionalized, entrenched issues have stood in the way of modernizing records management programs and how companies have revised their existing systems to better accommodate records management challenges in the digital age.

For part two, click here.

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