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Records management only part of the information governance toolkit

As the volume and variety of corporate information explode, records managers face new challenges in terms of curating, storing and managing this content.

Trends like mobile, social media and cloud computing have thrown a wrench in the works, with data now residing in the cloud and on mobile devices and new forms of information emerging on social networks. Records managers who are accustomed to file cabinets and manila folders need to adjust to digitized forms of content that require management. They also need to consider data that resides on the Web and in unstructured formats, such as social media platforms. While the format is different, they need to capture, manage, archive and destroy this data just as they do conventional records.

To address the evolving domain of records management, SearchContentManagement sat down with Steve Weissman of Holly Group. He emphasized that information governance should emanate from records management methods, but that governance is really content management in the broadest sense.

"When I think of governance, I put records under there, certainly," Weissman said. "And a lot of the techniques that you may want to use in terms of governing information in the broad strokes will come from the records arena. It's also readily extensible to your structured data in databases … basically anything that will impart knowledge."

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