Set up an enterprise search platform on-premises or in the cloud

Ideally, an enterprise search technology platform and strategy should be established early in an organization's existence. This is a great time for a company leader to take the reins and make sure that employees will have the best possible chances of finding the information they need at the exact time they need it. The problem is that this rarely happens.

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But regardless of when an organization gets started on enterprise search, it's important to remember that a solid foundation is key and that it's perfectly okay to migrate from a basic model of enterprise search to a more sophisticated one over time, according to Lynda Moulton, principal consultant at LWM Technology Services, based in Harvard, Mass.

"Few enterprises get it right in early stages," Moulton said. But a good enterprise search platform can be established later in an organization's development. Just remember, like other technology projects, enterprise search deployments can quickly go awry when managed poorly.

This webcast discusses the best ways to make sure that enterprise search technology is deployed smoothly and managed properly for continued success. In this webcast, viewers will learn the following:

  • The latest technology advancements that can help search initiatives move along quickly;
  • Why the leader of a search initiative should have deep organizational knowledge, be well-respected within the organization, remain focused and be committed to long-term infrastructure and organizational health;
  • Why it is important that the team picked to lead the review of enterprise search platforms should include subject experts, content contributors and experts in search;
  • That state-of-the-art search engines still require good metadata management and indexing with carefully chosen terminology;
  • How preprocessing content by a content expert saves a huge amount of time and effort; and
  • That planning for good metadata begins with an audit of existing content.

About the presenter
Lynda Moulton, principal consultant at LWM Technology Services, based in Harvard, Mass., has been designing, implementing and analyzing content and search-related technologies for the enterprise for more than 30 years. She blogs and writes on information technologies and is an organizer of the Boston KM forum. She also teaches a course on organizing information and knowledge for accessibility at Columbia University. In 2008, she played a lead role in producing analyst firm Gilbane's report, entitled "Enterprise search markets and applications; capitalizing on emerging demand." She was also the principal writer of a 2010 study called "Semantic software technologies."

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