Social media technology use can improve enterprise decision making

Enterprise adoption of social media technologies and improved collaboration speeds access to expertise, reduces costs and benefits business users. That assertion was at the center of a keynote delivered at the AIIM Conference 2012 in San Francisco last month by Michael Chui, senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute. Chui, whose presentation was entitled Rise of the Networked Enterprise, talked about whether the aim of social media should be to improve an organization’s connection with customers or the efficiency of its workers, the key was integrating social media technologies with their information management strategy.

“There’s lots more work to do to help higher-level knowledge workers greatly improve their effectiveness and efficiency,” said Chui, explaining that the transformation to a bottom-up culture that enables enterprise collaboration requires help from the top. “And sometimes it’s about changing the people who are in the seats.”

Chui, who sat down for an interview with at AIIM 2012, discussed the importance of the networked enterprise and how adopting social media and collaborative strategies would lead to an effective workforce.

Viewers of the 4-minute video will learn

  • While 90% of companies are deriving some business benefit from social technologies, most are only deriving a small amount;
  • Regardless of size or industry, companies that integrate what they learn from using social media both internally and externally become the most successful;
  • That improving the performance of high-level knowledge workers will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of organizations;
  • How the effective use of technology is correlated to the degree to which they are used in day-to-day work;
  • The technologies are easy to use, it’s changing the mindset of people who are using the technologies that is the hard part.

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