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The danger of second parties to cloud-based ECM

Recent data breaches -- including a Target breach affecting 70 million people -- remind us that data security leaks can happen outside the confines of cloud-based systems. Expert Steve Weissman of Holly Group urges us to recognize that data security is really about third parties in general. In this video, Weissman discusses the impact of such data breaches on the perception of hybrid clouds as viable, particularly for enterprise content management.

"As long as you as an end-user do the due diligence," Weissman said, "[clouds] are an enormously viable alternative to hosting stuff yourself. All these concerns about security breaches … mean that an organization has to sit back and ask the really big questions."

But, Weissman urged us to focus on "second parties," or company partners that are part of our organizations and can be subject to the same kinds of problems as those that cloud computing presents.

"It's not hybrid clouds; it's anybody outside your organization. It's just regular business partners that you might be working with. It might be an organization that is embedded in our business processes."

For more on the problem of second parties, check out this video.

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