The six management imperatives for enterprise social media integration

For all the assumed benefits of enterprise social media technology, organizational leaders still need to support applications that help employees work more effectively. Once a framework of support and innovation is in place they’ll be able to scale up the most successful applications of the technology, said Michael Chui, senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute. It’s the best way to ensure social media and enterprise collaboration become part of the day-to-day workflow of employees and work to engage customers as well.

“It will require some courage to say, ‘we’re going to enable people to say negative things and then we’re going to have to grapple and engage with that,’ but the alternative is to simply turn a blind eye … [and] people are going to have those conversations anyway,” said Chui, after presenting his keynote Rise of the Networked Enterprise at the AIIM Conference 2012 in San Francisco last month. He asserted that enterprise adoption of social media technologies and improved collaboration will speed access to expertise, reduces costs and ultimately benefit businesses.

Chui, who sat down for an interview with at AIIM 2012, said the keys to achieve organizational success with social media included making sure that the right people with the rights skills use the tools and that developing a user community that polices itself was better than dictating too much top-down policy.

Viewers of the 4 ½-minute video will learn:

  • How to narrow the gap in effectiveness of high-level knowledge workers in the enterprise.
  • The six management imperatives for inspiring organization-wide adoption of social media technologies.
  • What enterprise leaders need to do to make sure collaboration and social media technology works to derive the best value for the organization.
  • Why it’s important to pick the right people and the right skills are using the technology to get the best success.
  • How organizational culture plays a part in the desire for increased collaboration and effectiveness.



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