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Usability tops the list of ECM vendors' software to-dos

Enterprise content management (ECM) vendors know that they need to get with the times. That means ECM vendors have to be more cloudlike, more applike, experts say. Users are tired of heavy, hard-to-navigate interfaces and want something more like Dropbox that they can start using immediately to share documents with colleagues easily and without training, oversight or the content categorization constraints of many ECM products.

And nothing devalues the success of software more than when users won't use the software, said expert Steve Weissman. But this holy grail of usability is easier said than done. There is confusion about what users really want: Do they want a simple, streamlined interface, or do they want feature-rich software that has lots of options but is difficult to navigate? Striking the delicate balance, or achieving both aims, requires a close interchange between application designers and users during the usability phase, Weissman said. Giving users a stake in the design early on can make the difference between success and failure in user adoption, he said.

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