Webcast: Getting started with enterprise search technology

Enterprise search systems can make it easier for business users throughout an organization to find important information -- if they're designed properly.

This webcast -- introduced by Jonathan Gourlay, site and news editor for SearchContentManagement.com, and presented by Scott Liewehr, principal analyst at Digital Clarity Group -- explains current and emerging trends in enterprise search and takes a vendor-neutral look at the different types of search technology that are available for enterprise uses.

The webcast also provides practical information about potential applications for enterprise search tools for organizations that are planning or just getting started. Additionally, viewers will learn how to develop and maintain enterprise search initiatives for ongoing success. A related podcast explores how to build a business case for an enterprise search technology deployment.

Liewehr discusses the following:

  • What enterprise search is and why it's important to get right;
  • The challenges and frustrations of lackluster enterprise search;
  • What happens to organizational productivity when search goes bad;
  • The major differences between enterprise search and Web search;
  • How enterprise search can lead to employee empowerment and improved collaboration processes;
  • How the relevance of search results are becoming increasingly personal and leading to a more collaborative model; and
  • Cloud offerings and open source tools coming into play in the enterprise search universe.

About the presenter
Scott Liewehr is the founder and principal analyst at Digital Clarity Group, a provider of research and advice to organizations undergoing digital transformation. Liewehr was previously the lead analyst for the Web content management practice at the Gilbane Group and has led the professional services teams for several integrators and consultancies before that. He has led ECM, WCM and portal engagements for more than 35 Fortune 500 companies and currently is president of the Content Management Professionals Association. He is also host of CMS-Connected and is chair of the engagement track at Gilbane conferences.

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