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What companies want: Document management, not ECM?

While the software to manage content is getting increasingly sophisticated, do users really want all that functionality? While capabilities such as mobile, social and collaboration are being built into these platforms, what might be surprising is that companies today may just want a central location to share and save documents and to reduce paper rather than advanced features.

That's what recent data from AIIM International indicates. Companies are still wrestling with how to save, store and share their documents, so enterprise content management features such as workflow optimization and alerts, audit trails, records management and other collaborative functions aren't at the top of the list. Today, these capabilities are commoditized in many platforms, but also "whiz-bang special," for many organizations, said Steve Weissman, information management expert at Holly Group.

Smaller companies may not need all these capabilities, and they may not have the resources to build and maintain this functionality.

"ECM, the role of mobility, and the cloud. It's all exciting and has tremendous value potentially to organizations," Weissman said. "But most of the market probably isn't where the vendors are [at the leading edge]. … If you're not there yet, it's OK."

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